Troy-Bilt 420cc Review

Troy-Bilt 420cc Review – Does The Mower User Friendly?

Let us start with the percentages we put on different aspects of this ride on lawn mower here.

Look …

For the quality, we put a 90% on it; for design, it gets a 80% and for the price, we will give it a 90%. We can say with confidence that the Troy-Bilt 420cc lawn tractor is a perfectly built that fits your lawn.

Especially if you have a medium sized lawn, there is no other model you should get. It has a cutting deck which comes with size adjustment, plus the speed control feature, which means you, would not face the slightest problem.

Take pleasure in the great performance of this riding lawn mower and enjoy the comfortable grass cutting experience you would definitely get for your lawn.

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The brand Troy-Bilt has become one of the most successful brands that make lawn mowers, providing the lawn owners with a pretty good quantity of mower models that work very efficiently.

The great features in each model & size of mowers vary from one another, each with separate range of combinations.

The Troy-Bilt 420cc Premium model would be the best lawn tractor for people who own a nice medium size lawn.

The model is quite light in weight and also a smaller mower in comparison to other ride on mower models in today’s market. This medium size model could easily be kept in your garage or the little shed at the back of your house quite easily.

Troy-Bilt 420cc Review

Now, let us discuss the key features of Troy-Bilt 420cc in short-

Firstly …

“It is powered by a 420cc premium and powerful engine.”

The medium sized riding lawn mower comes equipped with high quality engine which would be perfect for lawn mowers of this credibility.

To tell you the truth, this will provide the engine with enough power that it can operate with a speed of 4.25 MPH to mow around.

The engine has also been made to be powered by the gas. It contains exactly 1.3 gallons of the gas in every refill. It also has a display of gas fuel which will offer you a look on the amount of available fuel before you start cutting the grass around.

On other side, there is a six speed transmission ability that the mower comes equipped with. Due to this reason, you will be able to adjust the speed level and then ride the model to cut though all the tough grass, making your lawn much more attractive than usual.

Secondly …

“It has a wide cutting deck that will be very beneficial.”

The little framed riding lawn mower also comes with a 30 inches wide cutting deck perfect for your medium sized lawn. By using the wide cutting deck, you could have a perfectly sized grass patch in your yard.

Along with that, it will provide you with five different steps for different grass height, so that you can shape up your lawn in any way you like. This will serve decorating purposes along with mowing purposes.

The three in one blade of this deck has been made with aluminum.

The manual system of PTO will provide you with great performance for shaping and cutting tough grass patches all over the yard.

In addition, this manual system comes with improved blade engagement that will make all the cutting much smoother and faster in comparison to other riding lawn mowers.

Troy-Bilt 420cc Review

Thirdly …

You will love the Ergonomic Friendly Design.

The brand Troy-Bilt makes their products like this medium sized best lawn mower 2017 quite perfectly and also ergonomic friendly, meaning that you would be able to work without much pain.

The elevated back & seat will give you a comfy feeling while you ride the mower around.

What is more, the placement of speed transmission and steering wheel is perfect for making sure no tender feeling following the work.

Fourthly …

“The frame and tire specifications are great.”

When you would glance at the image and the measurement of the riding lawn mower, you would understand for sure, that this is the ideal medium sized mower model for your lawn.

It comes equipped with a complete package of characteristics, including the structure of a plastic body with a pair of rear tires.

Thirteen inches by five inches front and sixteen inches by six and a half inches back pneumatic tires have been featured in this riding lawn mower model.

On the other hand, anti scalp has not been used within the tires in order to cut the grass on even ground.

Advantages –

Troy-Bilt models of lawn mower are very useful to have for all kinds of lawn owners. All its features and remarkable performance would force the user to work nicely with the lawn mower each time.

  • 420cc engine gives you a sufficient amount power in order to cut hard grass
  • Six levels of the speed transmission will help to pace up, considering the size of the grass
  • You would have a quite comfortable high rear end seat which is totally great to deal with
  • There is no requirement to purchase more accessories in order to use it
  • The wider cutting deck makes sure that it gives a flourishing mowing experience for you

The Pros:

There are so many things which would stand in support of this 420cc Ride on Lawn Mower from Troy-Bilt, like the following ones:

  • A 30-inch wide cutting deck equipped with six adjustable heights
  • Gas Fuel Amount Display
  • Ergonomic Responsive Design
  • The medium sized mower model is easy to store anywhere you wish to keep it

The Cons:

  • It can only contain about 1.3 gallons worth  of gas
  • Some users might not be familiar or comfortable with such a high seat
  • There are no anti scalp anywhere on any tire


The 420cc riding lawn mower by Troy-Bilt is the best mower for your lawn, especially if you have a medium sized yard.

The wide cutting deck equipped with adjustable size & the speed controlling system would never let you face any problems.

Just enjoy the great performance of this riding mower model and get best cutting practice for your lawn.

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